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More Intel Arrow Lake-S/HX Specifications Revealed: 76MB Total Cache, 37 TOPS AI Performance

kyojuro 7/10/2024

According to Intel's previously announced plans, the next-generation Arrow Lake processors will be released in 2024. Arrow Lake encompasses multiple platform segments for both desktop and laptop products. Specifically, the "S" series is designated for desktops, utilizing the LGA 1851 socket and the "HX" series is intended for enthusiast-grade gaming notebooks. Essentially, these represent the same chips in different packages tailored for their respective platforms.

Intel Arrow Lake

As reported by Wccftech, both Arrow Lake-S and Arrow Lake-HX will employ the Lion Cove architecture for P-Cores and the Skymont architecture for E-Cores, similarly to Lunar Lake processors that will be released around the same time. However, there is a key differentiation in their cache designs.

Lunar Lake's E-Core is optimized for low power consumption (LP E-Core), which differentiates it from the E-Core used in Arrow Lake-S and Arrow Lake-HX. In Arrow Lake-S and Arrow Lake-HX, each Skymont Architecture E-Core cluster (comprising 4 cores) is outfitted with a 4MB (16-Way) L2 cache and a 3MB L3 cache, whereas Lunar Lake lacks a dedicated L3 cache. Additionally, Lunar Lake's P-Core has been modestly tweaked, providing each Lion Cove architecture P-Core with a 2.5MB (10-Way) L2 cache and a 3MB L3 cache. In contrast, Arrow Lake-S and Arrow Lake-HX sport 3MB (12-Way) of L2 cache and 3MB of L3 cache per Lion Cove P-Core.

  • Arrow Lake P-Core Cache (Lion Cove): 3 MB L2 / 3 MB L3
  • Arrow Lake E-Core Cache (Skymont): 4 MB L2 / 3 MB L3
  • Lunar Lake P-Core Cache (Lion Cove): 2.5 MB L2 / 3 MB L3
  • Lunar Lake E-Core Cache (Skymont): 4 MB L2 / 0 MB L3
  • Raptor Lake P-Core Cache (Raptor Cove): 2 MB L2 / 3 MB L3
  • Raptor Lake E-Core Cache (Gracemont): 4 MB L2 / 3 MB L3

The most advanced Arrow Lake chip configuration includes 8 P-Cores and 16 E-Cores, featuring 40 MB of L2 cache and 36 MB of L3 cache, totaling 76 MB. In comparison, the Raptor Lake-S/HX offers 68 MB, illustrating that Arrow Lake-S/HX boasts around 12% more cache.

Furthermore, Arrow Lake-S and Arrow Lake-HX deliver AI performance of 37 TOPS, significantly surpassing Raptor Lake and closely aligning with AMD's codenamed "Hawk Point" Ryzen 8000G series (39 TOPS). The GPU in Arrow Lake-S/HX has significantly enhanced its AI power from 3 TOPS to 9 TOPS with the new architecture. The integrated NPU provides 13 TOPS, and the CPU demonstrates an 87.5% increase in AI performance, reaching 15 TOPS.

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