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Intel's Next-Gen GPU to Feature 4nm Process, Expected to Rival the RTX 4070

kyojuro 7/9/2024

According to DIGITimes, Intel's next-generation Xe2 GPUs will collaborate with TSMC using a 4nm process node. This decision represents a significant leap in Intel's GPU technology, underscoring the company's commitment to competing in the GPU market against powerhouses like NVIDIA and AMD. The switch from the previous generation Alchemist series' 6nm process to the 4nm process not only boosts performance but also enhances energy efficiency.


The Arc Battlemage "Xe2" discrete GPU will introduce numerous innovative technologies. These include next-generation memory subsystems and compression, enhanced ray tracing, micro-architecture optimizations, machine learning-based rendering, and the latest DeepLink features. With these advancements, Intel aims to position Xe2 as its premier discrete GPU, targeting performance aficionados and gaming enthusiasts.

Among the anticipated Battlemage GPUs are the BMG-21 and BMG-31, expected to hit the market by the 2024 holiday season. TSMC affirms that its 4nm process node delivers an 11% performance gain over the N5 (4nm) process and offers improved energy efficiency, further optimizing the power consumption of Battlemage GPUs.

Sources indicate that the Xe2 may deliver a performance uptick of up to 50% compared to its predecessor. Estimations suggest that with the previous generation's flagship A770 achieving nearly 20 TFLOPS of FP32 performance, the Xe2 could reach approximately 30 TFLOPS, putting it on par with the NVIDIA 4070. If Intel can maintain a price point around $349 USD, the value proposition becomes extremely attractive.


The GPU market competition has ramped up with new releases such as AMD's "RX 8000" series and NVIDIA's "RTX 50" series. Intel aims to lure more consumers to its latest GPUs through robust software support and compelling price/performance metrics. More details about the Battlemage series are expected at Intel Innovation 2024 in September.

We eagerly await Intel's breakthrough in the fiercely competitive GPU market with this product, offering consumers a more potent and efficient GPU option.

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