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Challenging Apple! Google's In-House Developed Tensor G5 SoC Reportedly Enters Tape-Out Stage, Manufactured by TSMC

kyojuro 7/5/2024

Throughout today's cell phone market, several major giants have developed their own SoC chips, and Google is naturally joining the trend.

Starting with the Pixel 6 series, Pixel models have featured Google's custom Tensor chip. This chip is based on Samsung's Exynos, with only parts like the TPU, ISP, and the Titan M2 security chip being Google's own technology.

From the Tensor G5 onwards, Google will fully develop the chip in-house. According to reports, the Tensor G5 will be manufactured by TSMC using a 3nm process and has now entered the tape-out stage.

The tape-out phase is like an assembly line process where the chip goes through a series of steps for manufacturing. This phase comes after chip design but before mass production, making it a critical step in chip production.

If the tape-out is successful, the chip can be mass-produced; otherwise, the design needs to be reviewed and optimized accordingly.

According to the plan, the Google Tensor G5 will officially debut next year, with the Pixel 10 series being the first to feature it.

Analysts believe that the Tensor G5 is a significant milestone for Google, signifying a major breakthrough in Google's hardware capabilities. It also marks a key step in challenging the iPhone and securing a foothold in the high-end market.

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