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Apple M5 Chip First Revealed: Manufactured by TSMC for AI Servers

kyojuro 7/5/2024

According to media reports, Apple's upcoming M5 series chips will be manufactured by TSMC, utilizing TSMC's state-of-the-art SoIC-X packaging technology specifically for AI servers.

Apple is anticipated to commence mass production of M5 chips in the second half of next year, at which point TSMC will significantly bolster its SoIC production capacity.

Currently, Apple employs M2 Ultra chips in its AI server clusters and expects their use to reach approximately 200,000 units this year.

TSMC's SoIC technology is a part of its advanced 3D Fabric packaging portfolio, positioning it as the industry's pioneering high-density 3D chiplet stacking technology, often hailed as the "cutting edge of 3D packaging."

Reports indicate that the SoIC design enables chips to be stacked directly on top of one another, with TSMC's 3D SoIC boasting a minimum bump pitch of 6µm, the highest in all packaging technologies.

Compared to CoWoS and InFo technologies, SoIC offers higher packaging density and smaller bonding spacing, and it can also be integrated with CoWoS/InFo. This results in SoIC-based CoWoS/InFo packages having smaller chip sizes, facilitating the integration of multiple small chips.

Apple M5 Series Chips Unveiled: Manufactured by TSMC for AI Servers

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