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AMD Almost Acquired Nvidia: Former Engineer Reveals the Inside Story

kyojuro 7/6/2024

According to foreign media reports, a former AMD engineer recently revealed that AMD nearly acquired Nvidia in the early 2000s, but the deal ultimately fell through.

The engineer, Hemant Mohapatra, who worked at AMD for over six years and contributed to the design of CPU, APU, and GPU products, shared this insight.

AMD差一点收购英伟达:前工程师自曝内幕 太可惜了!

According to Mohapatra, then AMD CEO Jerry Sanders was keen on acquiring NVIDIA. However, Jen-Hsun Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA, declined the offer unless he could serve as the CEO of the merged entity. Huang wanted to leverage the CUDA architecture and NVIDIA's chips to create a 'hardware and software lock.'

Unfortunately, Sanders considered AMD's capabilities and industry standing to be far superior to those of NVIDIA at the time (and didn’t think too highly of Intel either) and found Huang's demand unreasonable.

It is notable that in 2006, AMD had acquired graphics card manufacturer ATI for $5.4 billion, subsequently rebranding its products under the Radeon name— a cornerstone of their current strength.

Mohapatra is not surprised by NVIDIA's current success, attributing it to Huang's relentless drive and determination.

AMD差一点收购英伟达:前工程师自曝内幕 太可惜了!

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